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love like no tomorrow

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To feel love, to feel lonely, to feel bitter, and just numb...
blue, 2008, main
I think people get angry with me sometimes. Why? Well, I'm an unnaturally forgiving person. It's always been fairly easy for me to forgive people, as I understand that, as humans, we're all bound to fuck up, piss each other off, make things awkward, eat each others food, and various other atrocities surely bound to cause bad blood. But alas, I realize that as a part of humanity, we all kinda suck sometimes, and a little bit of slack should be offered to those who at least TRY to be decent. People who find it more difficult to forgive, for whatever reason, tend to get irritated by the fact that I can so easily. I'm not quite sure I get this, but whatever...

... but sometimes I fail, miserably, just like the rest of you. I always preach that you should never, EVER feel regret or guilt toward being kind or helping other people, because there is no reason to regret being a good person. But sometimes, even I sit here and demand from myself "Maggie, the FUCK is wrong with you, you wouldn't be sitting here broke, irritated, and exasperated if you'd just turned your back for once and said "Fuck you, retard, fix your own damn problems."'

But alas, it's that niceness in me that overrides even the strong-coated sarcasm that imitates from the very words I'm typing that always gets me.

Yea, I'm nice, did you know that? A lot of you don't... the rest of you tell me I'm too nice. =P 

But yea, back on point, I'm definitely being a hypocrite today because I'm sitting here counting up the tab on money I've set on fire lately, and I'm thinking... yea, I kinda regret being nice. I'd love to go grocery shopping right now. Oh well.


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